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PACK 773

Pack 773 is a very active pack.  We hope that you will join us.  Below you will find some more information on Scouting with our Pack. Click the button below for more information on uniforms and other resources.



Cub scouts earn adventure loops that are specific to their grade and rank.  Completion of adventures is how the aims of character, citizenship, leadership, and personal fitness are developed.  


Answers to All Your Queries


Cub Scout Pack 773 offers an adventure-based program designed to encourage effective character, citizenship, and fitness for children age 5-10.

Scouting is adventure, family, fun, character, leadership and so much more.

In Scouting, youth start with their best right now selves and grow into their very best future selves. It’s fun, hands-on learning and achievement that puts kids in the middle of the action and prepares them for today – and for life.

In addition to camping, Scouts and adult leaders enjoy many outdoor activities while accommodating the needs of today’s busy families.


Troop 773 was founded in 1958 and is sponsored by Potomac United Methodist Church. The troop has enjoyed serving our sponsoring church by providing church clean-ups, attending Scout Sunday, and more. Since the troop was chartered over 200 Scouts have achieved the rank of Eagle. Our Eagle projects have helped schools, churches, and charities.


Once a month all Dens meet together for a “Pack Meeting", which all Cub Scouts and their families are encouraged to attend. The Pack Meeting is a fun time for everyone.  During pack meetings we conduct a fun activity as a Pack or bring in presenters on topics that are of interest to the children and scouting to include: STEM presentations, community member presentations, Pack Hikes or other fun events. It is a time for the family to get information on upcoming activities and share in the Scouting spirit. Be sure to attend and join in the excitement while watching your child advance!


Den Meetings are held once or twice a month and provide your scout with opportunities to enjoy various planned activities, learn new skills, and have great fun.  Please keep in touch with your scout's Den Leader so that you will know what activities are taking place and can track the progress your child is making.


Scouting is an outdoor-based program. Camping is permitted by Cub Scouts only in an age-appropriate context. Scouts must have an adult family member with them at all times when camping. If your Scout wishes to attend only the daytime activities of a Family Camp-out that's completely fine, just let us know.

Bring all the equipment you will need to enjoy the camp-out: tent, sleeping bags, lanterns, bug spray etc. The pack will provide activities, and supplies for the campfire.


The pinewood derby is one of the most popular and successful family activities in Cub Scouting. Pinewood derby cars are small wooden models that Cub Scouts make with help from their families. Then they race the cars in competition. The cars are powered by gravity and run down a track. Every scout can design and build his own "grand prix" car to enter in the race..

There will be three divisions...  

1) The Scout Derby - with the three fastest cars qualifying for the District Pinewood Derby (if applicable)

2) The Parent Derby - with the leaders cheating their way to contested victory again this year. 

3) The Sibling Derby - Scout brothers and sisters through fifth grade can enter their own cars.  Kids in sixth grade or above will be disenfranchised in the parent division.

Derby workshops: There will be several opportunities to mold and shape the block of pinewood into a mean lean well-decorated racing machine.  We will announce dates and times for the workshops once we get the parents lined up who will be supervising the shop tools.  The scouts are not permitted to use power tools but they are encouraged to design the shape of their cars, sand them, and decorate them accordingly.  Parents are encouraged to assist the child but they should let the child do most of the work.

The cost of your Pinewood Derby kit for the Scout, siblings, and parent is included in the pack registration fee. 


Pack 773 relies largely on annual dues in lieu of fundraising. We would never want finances to prevent participation, please reach out if needed!


Most Cub Scouts celebrate Scouting Anniversary Week in February with a "birthday party" called the blue and gold banquet. In nearly all packs, the blue and gold banquet is the highlight of the year. It brings families together for an evening of fun and cheer. It's often the pack meeting for February.

The purpose of the blue and gold banquet is to celebrate the pack's anniversary, thank pack leaders and other adults who have helped the pack, and inspire the leaders, Scouts, and parents. Packs often like to invite former members and other Scouting or community leaders to take part in their blue and gold banquet.

The banquet can be like a regular pack meeting, with songs, skits, stunts, and awards; or it can be something different and a little more special. Our pack may decide to bring in an entertainer such as a magician or a storyteller or we may have a video or slide show of what the pack did over the past year.


For the 2nd year AOL “Arrow of Light” WEBELOS, they will graduate at the end of the year campout. During this campout Scouts from Troop 773 join the campout and welcome them into Boy Scout Troop 773.  

All other cub scouts will graduate in May marking the completion of their experience in that year's grade and graduate into the next year. Earning rank advancement, relative to each school grade is not required (eg-Arrow of Light, Wolf, Bear, etc.), but is encouraged as one of the methods of the scouting experience. A scout works at their own pace at home or during Den & Pack outings and meetings, under the supervision and guidance of a parent and in coordination with the Den leader.

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